Research Methods Summer (AO1+2)

Summer mindmap on the research methods for unit 4. Must also include examples when answering questions.

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  • Research Methods
    • Experiments
      • Lab
        • Artifical enviroment with controls
        • Reliable, objective but lack validity
      • Field
        • Natural enviroment with controls
        • Reliable with enough controls, ecologically valid
      • Naturalistic
        • Independant variable naturally occuring
        • Valid but unreliable and cant generalise
    • Observations
      • Structured
        • Careful controls and set up, more than one observer
        • Reliable, analysed, compared but lack validity
      • Naturalistic
        • Natural setting, covert/overt, non/participant
        • Ecogological validity, observer alter behaviour, cant replicate
    • Questionnaires
      • Open/closed questions, qualitative or quantitative, postal
      • Low responce rate but large numbers, no ethical issues, social desirability bias
    • Interviews
      • Structured, unstructured, semi structured
      • Areas can be exaplained and explored, may lie, structured reliable and coparable
    • Case Studies
      • In depth, one person, multiple method
      • Valid but unreliable, not replicable or generalisable


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