research methods

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  • research methods
    • primary research methods
      • postal email/ questionnaires
        • research sends out to respondent who sends them back to the researcher
          • advantage= quick to distribute
            • disadvantage= people might not send them back
              • direct questionnaires
  • researcher waits while respondents fill in questionnaire.
    • advantage= The researcher can explain what questions mean if they need to.
      • disadvantage= respondent might be influenced by the researcher. Not answer properly.
        • formal structure/semi structure interviews
          • Researcher asks the participants questions beforehand in a spoken interview
            • advantage= The researcher can explains what questions mean ( valid)
              • Respondent might be influenced by the researcher= ( researcher effect)
                • Informal unstructured interview
                  • Researcher has open discussion with participant=no set questions
                    • Advantage= participants talk about what is important to them.
                      • disadvantage= hard to compare the results of all interviews.
  • Secondary research sources
    • Official statistics
      • Statistics published by government or government agencies
        • advantage= (representative)
          • disadvantage= data may be politically biased.
            • Media reports
              • Articles published by newspapers and magazines
  • advantage= data is easy to access
    • disadvantage= information is biased.
      • letters
        • Personal letters from people in unusual circumstances
          • letters provide information we may not be able to find any other way.
            • letters are based entirely on personal experiences and opinions.
              • research studies
                • Studies conducted by other sociologists
                  • Much less biased than News papers and government reports.
                    • the original aim of the study may be different to ours.




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