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  • Research Methods
    • Questionnaires
      • also known as social surveys or structured interviews- can be postal or handed out personally.
        • used for opinion poles, officially statistics by the government and market research.
      • advantages         -quick easy and cheap     -reliable and representative ( its available to everyone)   -no interviewer bias
      • disadvantages        -validity is reduced because people may not fill the questionnaire in                        -closed questions may limit response             -
    • Interviews
      • Structured  are essentially the same as questionnaires
      • Unstructured interviews where you make the questions up on the spot around a general topic and they wont have any fixed or set questions.
        • So there much more in depth and qualitative
      • Advantages of unstructured interviews          -much more valid results.                -find new information through the discussion.           -They are flexible as you can rephrase questions
      • Disadvantages of an unstructured interview           -its time consuming            -not representative or reliable  (very hard to repeat) because of small samples.            -Its very hard to analyse.        -Its interviewer bias (pressured answers)
    • Observations
      • Covert are deceptive.
      • Overt is telling people that the observation is taking place.
      • Participant is where you actively participate in the research.
      • Non participant  is where you are looking through a camera or a source.


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