Day care

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  • Research into the effects of day care on social development
    • Peer relations
      • Clarke-Stewart
        • Observed children on their first day at primary school from previous family or day care
        • Day care children - better at coping in social situations and more independent
      • Belsky and Rovine
        • Used the Strange Situation to conclude that children who start nursery before the age of 1 are more likely to be insecurely attached later on
      • EPPE Project
        • 3,000 children in the UK between the ages 3-7
    • Aggression
      • NICHD Study
        • 1,000 American children from different backgrounds
        • The more time spent in day care, the more children were rated as aggressive and disobedient
        • Tantrums, hitting, lying
        • Longitudinal study
      • ALSPAC Study
        • 14,000 children in the UK
        • Conducted between 1991 and 1992 - child of its time?
        • Day care doesn't make a difference to behaviour
      • Shea et al
        • Video taped children between the ages 3-4 at playtime during their first 10 weeks of nursery
        • 5 days a week at day care better than 2


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