Research methods - research design - psychology

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  • Research methods - research design - psychology
    • Independent group design - half ppts go in one condition, half go in other
      • Takes less time, only need one type of test, no opportunities to work out aim and no order effect
      • Not got individual data across both tests, can't compare and no control or ppt variables
    • Repeated measures - all ppts go in one condition, all ppts go in one condition
      • Individual data across both conditions, control of ppt variables, individual differences, more data in data set
      • Redoing same test twice, takes longer to wait for results, come up with 2 ways of measuring DV, has to be same trickiness level, opportunity to work out aim of research, might screw/please you - order effects - could leave time gap, counter balance - 10 in one 10 in other
    • Matched pairs -takes 2 very similar ppts and put one in each condition
      • No order effects, don't need 2 different tests
      • Can't find perfect match, need very large sample group
    • Representativeness - do they represent target group
    • Generalisation - hope that sample = amounts of people in target pop


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