Research Methods in Learning Psychology

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  • Research Methods in Learning Psychology
    • Covert Observations
      • Where the participant is unaware they are being observed
      • Unware of participation but natural behaviour increases validity
    • Overt Observations
      • Where the participant is aware they are being observed- it is Obvious
      • Consent is obtained, as is right to withdraw
    • Time Sampling
      • Observing at different time intervals for short times
      • May not always be representative as some behaviours can be missed
    • Event Sampling
      • Recording a behaviour every time it happens
      • If too many instances of the behaviour happen at once the researcher cant record all
    • Naturalistic Observations
      • Observing the behaviour within the participants own environment
      • Situation not created by researcher so lets them gain real insight
    • Structured Observations
      • Staged observations in an environment where the researcher has some control
      • Numerical data can be generated but can be difficult to ensure all observers interpret the same information
    • Participant Observations
      • The observer is part of the situation and a participant
      • No stranger observing reveals new and realistic data
    • Non-participant Observations
      • The observer is not part of the situation
      • Limited in validity because of behaviour changes, but more oppurtunities to record data


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