Research Methods - Content Analysis

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  • Content Analysis
    • Specific type of observation - we observe & analyse the content of things produced by people
      • e.g. TV shows, magazines, websites, ads etc.
      • 'Artefact' - made by people
    • Researcher is aiming to identify patterns and trends, and to describe the content in a systematic way so that conclusions can be drawn.
      • e.g. a researcher  might want to analyse content of car adverts, to see if men and women are portrayed differently
      • Indirect observation - as you observing ppl through artefacts
    • Sample: Artefacts that need to be representative
      • Coding: Researcher has to create coding system, which breaks down the info into categories
        • Quantitative Analysis: Researcher has to tally up each time a behaviour occurs
          • Qualitative Analysis: Researcher has categories and chooses a particular example to illustrate the category
            • Results: The researcher then looks at the data he has collected, and draws conclusions


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