research methods

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  • research methods
    • research aims
      • set out what the researcher is planning to investigate
      • give a clear focus to the study
    • hyposthesis
      • 'hunch' or an informed guess
      • usually written as a statement which can be tested and proved right or wrong
    • pilot studies
      • 'trial run'
      • done before the main research
      • reasons to do a pilot study
        • see if any changes could be made
        • make sure people understand
        • test people's reactions
        • save time
        • see if it is successful
    • steps of research
      • 1. develop aims of hypotheses   (deciding what you are going to find out)
      • 2. carrying out pilot studies, see if it gives you the research you are expecting
      • 3. selecting samples (choosing a method to gather participants for your study)
      • 4. collecting data (carrying out your research)
      • 5. analysing data (pulling results together, checking for patterns)
      • 6. evaluating the project (thinking what you could have done better)


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