Considerations in Research Methods

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  • Research Methods
    • Ethical issues
      • Confidentialty
        • Keeping names and personal details private
      • Anonymity
        • Keeping names and personal details private
      • Protection from harm
        • Insuring both the researcher and the participants are safe
      • Informed consent
        • Making sure all the participants involved understand the aim of the study and give consent.
    • Practical issues
      • Time and money
        • Do you have enough time to complete the research? Is there a budget?
      • Research opportunity
        • Where will it be held? Is there enough space?
      • Personal skills
        • Will the researcher need any training?
    • Theoretical issues
      • Validity
        • Can the results be applied to an everyday situation?
      • Reliability
        • If the study is repeated will the same (or similar) results be gathered?
      • Interpretavists
        • Will positivists like this data? Is it: qualitative data? Is it valid? Does it contain opinions and thoughts?
      • Positivists
        • Will positivists like this data? Is it reliable? does it collect quantitive data? Is it easy to analyse and repeat?


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