Advantages and Disadvantages of Research Methods

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  • Research Methods
    • Postal Questionnaire
      • Questions not understood, questionnaire not answered/ sent back, Closed questions- No Development.
      • Cheap, Efficient-collect large amounts from large group of people, Answer honestly/ personal questions- No interviewer.
    • Structured/ Formal Interview
      • Same set of questions, Compare results, Ensure all questions fully understood/ answered.
      • Appearance of interviewer could evoke responses, Structured questions does not allow expansion of answers.
    • Unstructured Interview
      • Not quantative data- Hard to analyse, Time consuming, Expensive, Interviewer Effect.
      • Flexible questions, answers developed/ fully understood.
    • Group Interview
      • Participants more comfortable/ supported, Receive wide range of views.
      • Interviewer and interviewee's may influence answer, carefully managed by researcher.


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