Who normally votes for the Republican Party?

Mind map showing the people who tend to vote for the Repulican Party.

Past Paper Questions:

Which groups of voters support the Republican Party, and why? (June 2011)

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  • Republican Party
    • Rural Areas
      • Voting alignment of rural areas are full of more Republican Supporters
      • Independent lifestyle calls for a limited government (supported by Reps)
      • Policies
        • Gun Control
        • Agriculture
        • Enviromental
      • 2012- 61% of people in rural areas voted democrats
    • Men
      • Tough on policy areas like against any sort of gun control
      • Make up of the Reps is more oriented around men
      • Military actions and interventions find a more natural role in reps
      • 2000-Bush 53% of men
      • 2004- Bush had an 11% lead among men
      • 2012- Romney gained only 49% of the male vote
    • Elderly People
      • Policies
        • Pensions
        • Healthcare (didn't want Obamacare)
        • Traditional Polices
      • Romney 2012 received 56% of the over 65
    • Wealth
      • Laissez-Faire
      • Buissness owners, big money, favour lower taxes
      • Koch Brother- $889 million budget
      • 55% of those who earned over $250,000 voted for Romney
      • 54% of those who earned $100 million voted for Romney
    • Religion
      • People with more traditional views vote reps
      • Abortion policies to abortion
      • Wanting prayers in school
      • Bush won 52% in 2004 from Catholics
      • People who go to Church more than once a week 63% voted for Romney


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