Republican Ideology

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  • Republican ideology
    • The economy
      • Anti welfare
      • Balanced budgets
      • Free markets
      • Reducing taxes
      • Supply side economics
      • Reducing the role of the government
    • Welfare and the poor
      • Against extensive government schemes that help the poor but there needs to be a small safety net of some kind
      • Welfare provided by private or religious faith based organisations
      • Private medical insuracne
      • Some moderates reject these and are in favour of some schemes to help to sick and poor
    • Social issues
      • Importance of family traditions
      • Importance of authority in society
      • Importance of traditional moral and religious values
      • Pro death penalty and strict on law and order
    • Foreign policy
      • Supports foreign intervention in support of USA interests
      • Still committed to Bush's War on Terror


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