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  • Reproduction
    • Asexual
      • 1 parent needed
      • 1. X shaped chromosomes have 2 identical halves
        • 2. Each chromosome splits down the middle to form identical sets of half chromosomes. A membrane forms around each set
          • 3. Then the DNA replicates itself to form 2 identical cells with X shaped chromosomes.
      • offspring are genetically identical to parent (clones)
      • advantages
        • easily create more
        • faster
        • less time/ energy
    • Sexual
      • 1. Each gamete (sperm and egg) contains 23 chromosomes- half the number of chromosomes in a normal cell
        • 2. the egg and sperm fuse together (fertilisation) to form a cell with the full number of chromosomes
      • offspring are genetically different from parents but will inherit some features from both
      • advantages
        • genes carrying illnesses etc may not be passed on
        • population will not die if changes to environment/ new disease




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