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  • reproduction
    • fertilization
      • 1.  The testis produce sperm which is deposisted through the man's penis and in to the womans vigina. Most of the sperm die in the acidic conditions of the cervix.
      • 2.  The sperm then make their way up the uterus.
      • 3.  Only one phallopian tube contains the egg, half the sperm go up one tube the rest go up the other. More die from going up the wrong tube.
      • 4.  The sperm must now make their way into the egg, however a layer surrounding the egg creates another obstacle that some sperm die trying to pass.
      • 5.  Now only one sperm can get to the egg, it fertilizes the egg ny getting inside it and make one cell. The rest die.
    • Pregnancy
      • The baby is called an embryo when the divides after fertilizaton. Then it's called a foetus and finally a baby.
      • Women are useually pregnant for about 9 months.
      • The baby recieves food and water via the umbilical cord. This is why we have a navel (belly button.)
      • If the mother smokes of drinks alcahol this will be passed on through the blood stream to the baby.
      • The baby will breath ou carbon dioxide just like the mother. co2 will also be passed to the mothers bloodstream for her to breath out.
      • The baby's and mother's blood never touch.


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