Repression under the Tsars

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  • Repression under Tsars
    • Army
    • Secret Police
    • Propaganda
    • Censorship
      • Alexander II
        • Glasnost (openness) experienced for the first time.
        • Censorship was relaxed but the Government had the right to withdraw 'dangerous' materials
        • Increase in the circulation of books and newspapers.
      • Alexander III
        • Due to his fathers assasination, his rule was reactionary
        • Certain Newspapers, journals and ecucational institutions were closed down
        • Everything was censored by officials before being published.
      • Nicholas II
        • Reverted to glasnost
        • Expansion of the press - number of periodicals had a 3x increase
        • Prepublication censorship dissappeared but publishers could be fined or closed down fro publishing subversive material
        • The 'Kopek' (newspaper for the people - penny paper) reached a circulation of 25,000 in two years


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