Representation of a Place

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  • Representation of a Place
    • How individuals, or organisations such as businesses or councils, portray places they know about to others.
    • Topophilia = love of a place. Topophobia (hate for a place)
    • It is based on perspective
      • if you're proud = positive. Bad experience = negative.
      • Tourism companies and councils = positive. Newspapers may chose to focus on negative aspects to sell more copies.
    • Groups influence our perceptions
      • governments want to attract people or investment.
      • Corporate bodies might want to generate profit. Eg Visit Britain to promote tourism.
      • Communities want to improve the local economy or the lives of local people, Ludlow has a Food Festival each yr.
    • Statistics
      • Quantitative - population, income, crime figures.
      • the figures theselves are objectivve, but can be used subjectively. eg people select the data to show what they want to show. Don't show a sense of place.
    • Maps
      • Location. Can also show demographic/economic data, also indxes of happiness.
    • Films, Photography and Art
      • Visual Representations
      • give a sense of character
      • Misleading - the artist shows what they want to show.
      • Photos - in the moment. can be altered, photographer chooses that perspective.
      • Films give a sense of pplace dependant on the story
      • paintings are only an artists interpretation.
    • Stories, articles, Music and Poetry
      • Describe places
      • Written representations
      • How it feels to be in that place
      • only offers perspective of the author
      • Newsppers give a lot of detail. may be biased to sell more copies. Focus on negativr for more interest.
    • Representation of NEW YORK
      • Empire State of Mind, Alicia Keys. "sirens" "streets are mean" = crime. "Concrete jungle" "big lights will inspire you" "dreams" "make brand new" "selling rock" (drugs)
      • Friends = coffee culture, apartments, friendship, , romance and love, hardship and stress, Rachael in high fashion.
      • Devil Wears Prada = busy and congested, high fashion, work and career driven, professional and corporate, beauty as shallow?


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