Representation in music vids

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  • music videos
    • easy access makes them competitive
      • fans can strongly identify with singers + bands they feel represent them
    • consider
      • how artist is represented
      • others represented
      • how song promoted
      • how audience expected to feel about what they hear/see
    • common conventions
      • pop
        • attractive singers/ dancers
        • colourful
        • revealing costumes
        • in studio / familiar setting
        • dance routines
        • eye contact with camera
      • indie/folk
        • focus on artist performance
        • understated (subtle) costumes
        • shows band playing instruments
        • simple, low budget feel
          • in countryside, street, warehouse
      • rock
        • focus on artists/ singer
        • performance-based
        • leather costumes
        • low key lighting
        • on stage/ unusual setting
      • R&B
        • sexualised images (shirtless men)
        • colorful costumes
        • symbols of wealth (gold Jewry/cars)
        • at studio/ nightclub/ house party
    • style effects
      • narrative: linear (tells story that may/may not relate to lyrics / feature artist)
        • emotionally engages viewer to story. song becomes associated with story + feelings provoked
      • narrative: fragmented (tells story in parts / not in order. include clips from film being promoted)
        • viewer hooked in story + wants to watch film
      • performance (band/singer shown preparing + performing on stage/ studio. may be dancers)
        • represents band/singer as authentic, popular, talented musician. suggests lives = worth attending
      • mixed (narrative vid commonly cuts to artist performing)
        • reminded narrative = inspired by song - viewers expected to view vid as entertainment, not reality
      • cameo (artist in narrative, but doesn't participate in story)
        • artist presented as separate from vid
      • animation (carton/stop motion/ computer-generated images)
        • more memorable. showcases latest tech. + sugggests artist = cutting edge


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