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  • Representation
    • Reflective
      • The true meaning/ as accurate as possible replica
    • Constructionist
      • How others may interpret ate the representation.
    • Stereotype - a generally excepted vision of a way something should be
      • Generic type - a character used in a specific genre Clown/horror
        • Archetype - fairytale emerged from 100's of years
    • Laura Mulvey 'The Male Gaze'
      • From the eyes of a heterosexual male - camera lingers on female body and sexualizes her
        • Patriarchal society
        • Socophillia - love of watching
    • Bazin
      • says cinema is realistic , use of editing takes away the reality of the media ,
        • Wide shots, deep focus, long takes, good narrative, natural setting,
    • Arnheim
      • Cinema = pictoria art
        • To entertain, distract, art and fantasy, how the world changes through your mind
          • Editing and camera angles
    • Carol Clover - The Final Girl
      • Feminine -> masculine
        • Watches everyone around her die
          • defeats the villain
    • Barbara Creed - Monstrous Feminine


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