Reporting Psychological Investigations: Sections of a Report

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  • Sections of a Report
    • Title
      • A concise but informative sentence which lets the reader know exactly what the report is about.
    • Method
      • Describes how the study was conducted
      • Should have enough information so that it can be replicated
        • Ensures validity and reliability of the research can be checked
      • Should say which research method is being used
    • References
      • All cited evidence (research mentioned in the report) will be listed.
      • Written in the Harvard system
    • Results
      • A section which clearly reports the findings of the study.
      • Depending on data will use descriptive statistics.
        • measures of central tendency and dispersion
      • Inferential statistics
      • Either accepts or rejects the null hypothesis
    • Abstract
      • A brief, self contained, clear, concise summary of the report
      • Briefly mention past research, the method used, the finding and conclusions
    • Introduction
      • introduces the reader to the background
      • Will discuss past research in the area and relevant theories
      • Puts study in context
      • Explains the ideas, hypotheses (experimental and null) and full operationalise the varaibles
    • Appendices
      • Section for the raw data and methods of gathering data
    • Discussion
      • Discuss past research and whether results were similar or different
      • A summary of the results and an explanation of what they mean
      • Discusses real world applications
      • Evaluative comments about research


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