Renaissance medicine revision

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  • Rennaissance medicine
    • prevention of disease
      • cleaning road - remove miasma
      • bathing was less common due to syphillis
      • prayer
      • Regimen sanitatis
    • Key people
      • Sydenham
        • said that doctors should note symptoms of disease
        • made detailed descriptions of disease e.g. scarlet fever
        • believed in letting the body fight illness by itself
      • Harvey
        • The heart pumps blood around the body!
          • proved Galen was wrong about holes in the septum
        • groundwork for future discovery
      • Vesalius
        • Human jaw had 1 bone, NOT 2
          • breastbone had 3 parts, NOT 7
            • Holes in septum do not exist
        • 'fabric of the human body' helped gain knowledge of anatomy
        • stole bodys to dissect them
    • cause of disease
      • God/sin
      • supernatural
      • 4 humours - mainly just referred to
      • miasma
    • case study
      • THE GREAT PLAGUE 1665
        • caused by: sin, astrology, miasma
        • treated by: prayer, cutting buboes, transference, herbal remedies
        • prevented by: plague water, pomander, quarantine, killing stray animals, plague doctors
          • Largest change= more governmental intervention
    • treatment of disease
      • bleeding & purging
      • 'royal touch' from the king as he is god's representative
      • transference e.g rubbing objects on warts/boils to transfer it
      • herbal remedies e.g. honey to kill bacteria
    • hospital care
      • only wounded and ill went to hospitals
        • cared for until better
      • got a visit from a doctor 2 a day
      • got medication
  • 1500-1700


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