Cause of Bosworth

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  • Renewal of War 1485 - Richard to blame?
    • Yes
      • Seen as tyrant and child murderer
        • Bosworth fought by ultraloyal Yorkists "alienated by accession and presumed death of the princes" Webster
        • Some of Buckingham's rebels refused a pardon from Richard
      • Ruthless Usurpation
        • Brutal execution of Hastings with no trial
      • Narrow Government
        • Collingbourne rhyme
      • Buckingham's rebellion pyrric victory
        • Croyland Chronicler sees as revenge of the princes
      • Catesby and Tyrell brought down from the North
      • Yorkist exiles fought for Henry Tudor
      • Limited support for Richard at Bosworth
    • No
      • Provoked by Woodvilles
        • Into taking throne - Woodville coup
      • Insecure land tenure
        • A lot of lands held by Parliament which could have been taken away
      • Buckingham
        • Carpenter sees him as an evil advisor
        • Croyland Chronicle notes always at Richard's side
        • Rebellion fatally wounds Richard
      • Foreign involvement
        • France sends 4000 troops and Scotland 1000 troops - all for Henry of Richmond, provoked by Richard
      • Edward IV
        • Leaves too much power to Richard
      • Henry of Richmond
        • claims the throne - Support only through dislike of Richard


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