Renewable Energy Sources (2)

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  • Renewable Energy Sources (2)
    • Hydrogen
      • Compressed from a gas to a liquid
      • It is flammable and explosive
      • Hard to store
      • This is the most expensive out of all the Energy Sources
        • Over 20p per kwh
        • Fuel cells cost $5000 each
      • Very Energy intensive - will have to be made with Renewable Energy
      • The components are made of heavy metal and very complex
      • Only produces water vapor
    • Biofuels
      • Sugar Cane is used to make Ethanol
      • Can be used to power a Electricity Plant
      • Crops can be grown in own country, so the fuel is available
      • Cost is 10 - 12p per kwh
      • Carbon Neutral as crops absorb carbon from pprevious fuel burning
      • Large use of resources
        • Fertilisers,  irrigation energy, transport to biofuel plant and energy to convert it
      • Can fuels petrol and Biodiesel cars


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