Renaissance : Medicine through time

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  • Renaissance Medicine.
    • Factors which caused Progress.
      • Less Religious: Church had less power.
        • They did not control what was being printed anymore.
      • Scientific Experimenting became more prominent.
      • Communication: The printing press was created which spread medical idea's faster
      • War: Gunpowder made more/differentwounds.
      • People started to study + Criticise Galen and Hippocrate's.
      • Wealth: Trade improved.
      • Education: The rich could attend university
      • Dissection: It was more acceptable + Common now.
      • Art: Artists became much better at drawing the human body
    • Vesalius.
      • Before Vesalius.
        • People relies on Galen's work on Anatomy which had mistakes.
        • The church forced people to only accept Galen's work,  instead of dissecting the body and correcting mistakes
      • Vesalius Discoveries changed:
        • Taught people that Dissection was important : Encouraged people like Harvery
        • He wrote a book: "Fabric of the Human Body" Which helped Harvey in his work due to the accurate drawings.
      • He uncovered Galen's mistakes.
        • Helped others Challenge Galen
      • Factors which held him back.
        • The church: Difficult for him to challenge Galen, they criticised him
        • The church saw dissection as a wrong thing therefore it was difficult for him to dissect them.
      • Factors which helped him
        • Art: more intricate Drawings.
        • Ancient learning: inspired by Galen
        • Wealth and Education: He attended University in France + Italy.
        • Printing: His books were printed all over the world
    • Pare
      • Before Pare:\ Surgeons were not good at cleaning wounds and used cauterization - very painful
      • He used ligatures
      • he used herbal ointments - less painful + stops infection
      • There were factors which helped him
        • War: More patients to practice on
        • Ancient Learning: Inspired by an old Roman recipe
        • Printing: Help him spread his idea's through a book
      • Problems with his work.
        • Surgeons ignored his idea's and still used cauterization
        • his ligatures could cause infections if dirty
    • Harvey
      • before Harvey people did not know the function of the heart or blood circulation
      • he proved the heart was a pump and blood moved one way around the body
      • In long term, his discovery aided blood transfusions and transplants.
      • Factors which helped him
        • Scientific experiment + Dissection
        • Vesalius: Helped him challenge Galen
        • Wealth + Education: Attended university in Italy.
    • The Plague + Treatments.
      • People still blamed disease on bad smells ( miasma) and humours so treatment dd not change much
      • People still used magic charms and herbal remedies etc.
      • There were public health measure's
      • Airing bedding with perfume, ( Bad smells caused disease, ( Incorrect
      • People were less likely to blame disease on God, No flagellants.


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Mind maps are a brilliant revision tool and this is a particularly good example of how a whole time period can be explained in a very clear and easy to revise way. Make one for every time period and make sure to use colour to help you remember key facts.






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