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  • Renaissance
    • pare and Harvey
      • Harvey discovered the circulation of the blood.He realised  Galens work was wrong.
        • Harvey did not compare on animal and human bodies.
        • blood transfusions were still continued and sometimes not successful as there were different blood groups.
      • Pare was forced to improvise his work, he designed artificial legs for the people that had lost theirs in the war.
        • eventually he became a surgeon for the king of France. But his ideas were resisted by doctors.
    • Printing
      • printing made ideas easier to spread
      • before printing people wrote by hand, which took more time.
      • Galens work was translated into latin and published by using a printing press.
      • Vesalius wrote books on his observations using accurate diagrams.
      • Vesalius' work proved Galen wrong with the 'Fabric of the human body'.
    • Public Health
      • There were fleas, rats and lice around which made the plague happen.
      • They did not have sewers and water pipes.
      • Human waste was thrown onto the streets
    • The Plague
      • happened due to lice, rats and fleas
      • between a third and a half of the population were killed
      • people thought the plague was a punishment from God, or the end of the world.
      • people that had the black death were enclosed into their room for month so nobody else would catch the disease.
    • Renaissance means "Rebirth"


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