Renaissance Public Health

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  • Renaissance Public Health
    • Great Plague-1665
      • Causes
        • Punishment from God
        • Miasmas
        • Planetary movement
      • Remedies and Treatments
        • Fires lit to remove bad smells
        • Trade between infected towns stopped
        • Chickens on buboes
        • Plague victims were quarantined
        • Swept streets in front of and around the houses
        • No animals in the streets
        • Bodies of dead brought out at night when fewer people were about
        • Public entertainments were shut down in plague affected areas.
      • How it ended
        • People developed resistance
        • Natural reduction- flies died in cold months
        • Great fire killed some germs
    • Hospitals
      • Sick were cared for; doctors received training; got experience
      • Hospitals opened for specific illnesses or diseases.
        • St Luke's Hospital-mentally ill
        • London's Lock Hospital- STDs
        • Middlesex hospital- pregnant women
      • Hospital boom
        • 1800-20000 patients a year
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