History: similarities between Reanissance and medieval

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  • renaissance medical treatment similarities with Medieval treatments
    • used old and new treatments similarities
      • many doctors reluctant to accept Galens ideas wrong, similar treatments to middle ages
        • blood letting and purging, doctors focused on reading books than treating patients
      • docters were expensive. people used healers: apothecaries or barber surgeons
      • superstition and religion were still important
      • some people sold medicines that didn't work, more harm than good
    • responses to the plague similarities
      • many treatments based on magic, religion and superstition. praying and fasting
      • bloodletting still used probabaly made plague worse: created wounds which became infected
      • thought miasma caused disease, carried posies of herbs and flowers: improve air
    • improvementsin surgery
      • many doctors trained at collage of physicians
      • two types of surgeons: small professional surgeons, trained at university and highly paid by parents and unqualified  barber surgeons
    • hospitals focused on treatment and learning
      • henry vii closed down many of Britains monasteries as a a result: few hospitals
      • poor peoplle treated at working houses, conditions were poor


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