Renaissance individus

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  • Renaissance Individuals
    • Versalius
      • dissected criminals
      • Challenged the work of Galen
      • University student at Padua in Italy
      • Accurate drawings
      • Fabric of the human body published in 1543
      • Translated and published into English. Other British doctors were encouraged to question the work of Galen
      • His work didn't have an immediate  impact
    • Harvey
      • Attended Padua University after Versalius
      • Was a royal Physician to king James and Charles
      • studied animals and humans
      • Circulation of the blood
      • Challenged Galen's idea. He proved that blood circulated around the body
      • His idea wasn't accepted as people still did bloodletting
      • His work had further impact when different blood groups were descovered
    • Pare
      • Improved surgical techniques
      • French barber-surgeon
      • worked in a public hospital before becoming an army surgeon
      • Gunshot wound. He ran out of hot iron. He used a cool salve
      • Amputations-tied blood vessels off with ligatures instead of cauterisation
      • Published his work, Wasn't accepted until he worked for the King


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