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  • Remember - Christina Rosetti
    • suffered a nervous break down and had to leave school
    • rejected numerous men for religious reasons
    • ABBA ABBA CDE CDE rhyme scheme
    • Petrarchan sonnet flipped on its head
      • octave - problem (remembrance)
      • Sestet (solution)
    • Iambic pentametre
    • One of first female poets claiming the sonnet
    • First 8 lines - telling her lover to remember her because she'll soon be dead
    • by the end of the poem however she changed her mind - its probs best he forgets her as it would be too painful to remember her
    • narrator - presumably rosetti addresses her loved one directly
    • the word remember is repeated throughout the poem as if the narrator fears he will not heed her request
    • she is now at peace
      • she has renounced her desire for earthly pleasures - such as the physical presence of her beloved
        • she is accepting of death content to only exist in her lovers memory
    • struggle between physical existence and the after life


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