remedies - medieval england

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  • Remedies
    • Superstitions
      • Those suffering from paralysis were advised to boil a fox in water and then bathe in it
        • This was so that the quick and nimble properties of the fox would be transferred to the patient through the bath water.
    • Herbal
      • aloe vera, mint, camomile and rose oils, saffron, turpentine etc.
      • Theriaca
        • spice based mixture that could contain up to 70 ingredients: ginger, cardamon, pepper etc. as well as unusual ones.
    • Bathing
      • warm baths draw in heat to help dissolve blockages in the humours.
        • gave the body the opportunity to steam out impurities and ease aching joints.
        • herbal remedies could also be given this way
    • Food, to balance humours
      • different foods were prescribed to encourage the balance of humours
    • Popular books
      • Materia medica
        • gathered together knowledge of the healing powers of herbs and plants.


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