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  • Remains
    • Colloquial Language "And one of them legged it up the road, probably armed, possibly not"
      • Uses slang to show it is written by the soldier
      • Criminalises the man even though we don't know anything about him and we objectify him
      • The comma emphasises the phrase after it to properly show if they should have fired at him or not
      • The connective increases the drama of what the soldiers should do next
    • Juxtaposition "One of my mates goes by and tosses his guts back into his body"
      • The language choices conflict because of the colloquialisms makes the actions seem thoughtless/ disrespectful
      • His actions lack emotion and lacking in logic/ basic human values
      • They have a limited amount of respect for human life because of the conflict. They have more respect for their friends/ fellow soldiers
      • We feel a certain pity for the 'mate' who has become a monster
      • It's unusual that they dispose of his body- guilt
    • Metaphor "I see every round as it rips through his life"
      • 'I'- shows his power- He's concerned with his own power/ control- further objectifies the victim
      • The robber cant defend himself/ against 3 soldiers
      • Injustice of conflict
      • Contrast between the soldier being inert/ watching and the violent death they gave him
      • No one shoots at the temple, so the death is more torturous- enjoyment of death
      • if they do this because of strings/ uncertainty- likely to make a poor decision
      • 'Rips'- graphic image- shows the violent situation. It wipes out his life and memories
    • Metaphor "His blood- shadow stays on the street, and out on patrol I walk right over it week after week"
      • It emphasises his painful death- he bleed onto the street
      • The strain is on his mind and literally on the street- no escape from the memory
      • It marks his death and everything he's lost and the guilt of the soldiers
      • Eventually the strain will fade- the memory remains
      • The street is like a tombstone- ironically it's like he's visiting his grave as he walks by on patrol
      • The 'shadow' represents a nameless victim and the injustice of war. Shadow- dark/ sinister- his death is in just. A 'shadow' haunts his mind/ heart
      • Contrast between the organisation/ formality of the patrol and their reckless shooting


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