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  • Remains
    • Simon Armitage
      • English poet, playwright and novelist
      • He worked as a probation officer for six years before focusing on poetry
    • Structure & Form
      • The title is ambiguous
        • remains of a dead man
        • remains of the memory
        • the remains left of his own life
      • no regular line length or rhyme scheme
        • sounds like someone telling a story naturally
      • Stanzas
        • second half describe the after effects of it on the speaker
      • voice shifts from first person plural "we" to first person singular "I"
        • he feels personally responsible
        • last line "my"
    • Reality of Conflict
      • Graphic imagery
        • Violent metaphor
          • "it rips through his life"
        • "I see broad daylight on the other side"
    • Memory
      • Repetition of line 4
        • "probably armed, possibly not"
          • hes replaying it in his mind
      • monosyllabic punchline openings of "sleep" and "dream"
        • imitate loud, violent sounds of bullet shots
          • reflects how he's jolted awake by his memories
      • Metaphor
        • a soldier "dug in behind enemy lines"
          • the memory is tucked in his mind
          • the memory is dangerous
            • it has the potential to destroy him
      • leads to guilt
        • joint enterprise
          • there were others involved
          • "all three of us open fire"
            • keen for the reader to know it wasn't just him
              • he feels guilty
        • "his bloody life in my blood hands"
          • reference to Macbeth
            • guilt is driving him mad


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