Revelation and Enlightenment - Rs philosophy

A great mindmap to help you revise REVLEATION and ENLIGHTENMENT a topic that is on the philosophy paper. :) 

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  • Revelation - When God shows himself to people.
    • General revelation - God shows himself through Nature and People
      • Nature - Watching a flower grow
      • People - experiencing true kindness e.g. pay it forward
    • Special Revelation - God revels himself through and experience or event.
      • People
        • Dreams - God can give guidance  through dreams
        • Prayer or Meditation - a way to communicate with God
        • Holy Books - way for God to revel himself
          • Fundermentalists, Generall and Liberal
        • Visions - Shows stuff about Gods nature and the afterlife
        • Worship - God has ultimate value - Acts of religious praise, honour or devotion
    • Enlightenment - Gaining  a spiritual insight, knowledge, understanding or awareness       about what life really means.
      • Allows people to see the ultimate reality that lies beyond all things
      • People
        • Buddhists - Once they reach  enlightenment they break the cycle of rebirth
    • Religious experiences -  Illusions or Reality?
      • Illusion - something false or deceptive
      • Reality - things that truely are




Very helpful, last minute revision for my test today.



Very good. Helped a lot with summer exam revision. 

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