Religious response to atheism

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  • Religious responses to atheism
    • Response to atheism
      • BB theory and evolution don't deny God
      • Science can explain how world is created and functions BUT doesn't get rid of the possibilty God is behind these events
      • Rel explains why conditions first came about where big bang was able to happen
    • Response to empiricism
      • Physical existence of earth and level of design= empirical evidence for creator and designer
      • Rel exp= empirical evidence eg. stigmata
      • Ray Billington- sense exp can't account for all human beliefts
        • Rel truths can be assessed by awareness that goes beyond the bounds of the senses
    • Response to problem of evil
      • Free Will= sufficient reason for why God lets evil continue
      • St Augustine- evil has come from human misuse of FW and it continues as a consequence of rebellion against God
      • Irenaeus- evil= unavoidable risk of giving humans free will
      • Hick- if God wanted humans to be genuinly loving he wouldn't create them to always do good=robots= freedom to develop quality themselves.
        • Our world= created for the purpose of soul making
    • Response to Moral Absolutes
      • We have to bring about more loving consequence= no acts can be right or wrong
      • Not all atheists reject MA. eg. not intentially killing innocent people must always be obeyed
    • Response to Religious Pluralism
      • Hick- all rels are equally valid and effective
      • Surely one religion must be correct
      • Key beliefs and practises= different. BUT all agree things about this world can't be directly assessed by humans


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