Releious Radicalism

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  • Religious Radicalism
    • Independents
      • thought people shouldn't be forced to attend a national Church
      • spread throughout the army
      • Cromwell was their patron
    • Ranters
      • nothing was a sin unless you believed you had sinned
      • didn't have to abide by conventional morality
      • opposed by most other sects
      • didn't believe in heaven and hell
      • rejected social ranks
      • met in alehouses, swore, cavorted naked
      • Blasphemy Act 1650 aimed at them
    • Quakers
      • high standards of morality
      • everyone was to preach
      • written word wasn't important, relied on inner light
      • subversion of social order
      • no Church organisation, informal
    • Anabaptists
      • rejected infant baptism
    • Fifth Monarchists
      • abolition of tithes and help for the poor
      • believed the end of the world was coming and Jesus would return and become king
      • popular with the New Model Army
    • Muggletonians
      • Christ's second coming
    • The Diggers
      • freedom from poverty, hunger and oppression
      • plated food on common land


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