Religious Quotes

Quotes for the topics of War and Peace, Animal Rights, Prejudice and Discrimination, Early Life

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  • Religious Quotes
    • Animal Rights
      • Creation: "God made the animals and he was pleased with what he made."
      • Stewardship: "Humans are to rule over the animals."
      • Acting Responsibly: "Good people take care of their animals, wicked people are cruel to theirs."
      • Sanctity of Life: "Not even a sparrow is forgotten by God."
    • Prejudice and Discrimination
      • "Love your neighbour as yourself"
      • "Humans are made in the image of God"
      • "I am certain that God treats all people alike"
      • "There is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, slave nor free, for all are one in Jesus Christ"
    • Early Life
      • "Do not kill."
      • "God is the giver and taker of life"
      • "I knitted you together in your mothers womb"
      • "Before you were born I knew you"
      • "Love your neighbour as yourself"
    • War and Peace
      • "Blessed are the peacemakers"
      • "Turn the other cheek"
      • "Those who live by the sword will bie by the sword"
      • "Do not kill"


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