Religious Institutions today

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  • Religious institutions today
    • There has been a decline in the influence of religion as a social institution.
    • The power/influence of religious institutions has declined significantly since the mid 19th century.
      • The state has taken over many functions today that the church used to perform.
        • Although religion once pervaded every aspect of life, it has increasingly been relegated to the private sphere of the individual and the family.
          • Example: Until the mid 19th century, the churches provided education but since then it has been provided mainly by the state.
            • Although there are still "faith schools," they have to conform to the demands of the state (Teachers must have qualifications recognised by the state).
          • BBC survey 2005: although there is a legal requirement for schools to provide a daily act of collective worship, over half the secondary schools in Wales failed to comply with this.
    • Bruce: if current trends continue, the Methodist church will end by 2030 and the Church of England will merely be a small voluntary organisation with a large amount of heritage property.


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