Religious explanations for evil and suffering

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  • Religious explanations for evil and suffereing
    • Christianity
      • a result of human freedom. (Adam and eve choosing to eat the forbidden fruit)
      • trusting in God helps to accept and endure suffering as part of Gods plan.
      • "love your neighbour as you love yourself" -teaches compassion for those who suffer.
      • Christian should follow the example of jesus who helped the needy and healed the sick.
      • the devil is the cause of evil in this world.
    • Hindu
      • a result of sinful action in this live and past actions in previous lives (Karma)
      • Rama and Sita= Remembered at Divali; good defeats evil
      • to achieve release from the cycle of death and rebirth (Samsara)- practice through yoga.
      • it is a hindu duty to share with those in need, their families, local communities and holy men


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