RE: Religious Explanations & Responses to Evil

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  • RE: Religious Explanations & Responses to Evil
    • Buddhism
      • The root causes of evil are the three poisons: hatred, greed, & ignorance
        • To overcome these three poisons, Buddhists try to practice generosity, loving kindness, & right understanding of wisdom
      • Evil is caused by peoples selfish desires or craving
      • The Eightfold Path contains 5 moral precepts that forbid: killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, & taking drugs or drinking alcohol
      • Buddhists practice meditation to train the mind to avoid evil thoughts
      • Evil actions have evil consequences, so retaliation is avoided - 'hatred is never appeased by hatred, hatred is appeased by love'
    • Christianity
      • Everything made by God is perfect but evil came into the world through Adam & Eves' disobedience (the original sin)
        • When satan tempted them to eat from the forbidden tree, they realised they had the choice between right & wrong & would now be responsible for their own actions
        • When people rebel against God's laws, evil results
      • People need salvation (rescuing) from sin - Jesus was considered the second 'Adam' who restored everyone's broken relationship with God
      • Jesus commanded Christians to live God & their neighbour - he taught us to love our enemies & when evil is done to them to 'turn the other cheek'
      • Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive who sins against us & lead us not into temptation - The Lords Prayer
      • Many Christians work tirelessly against the great evil of racial discrimination in the US - e.g. Martin Luther King Jr, a Christian minister, won rights for black people through peaceful, non-violent protests


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