Religious Experience

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  • Religious Experience
    • People may come to believe in God for reasons other than a Christian upbringing
    • A miracle
      • Something that appears to break the laws of science. For Christians the greatest miracle was The Resurrection. Lourdes is a common place for healing.
        • People believe only God could have done this. It is evidence He exists.
    • An answered prayer
      • Prayer = personal communication with God. When He not only listens, but acts upon a request of prayer.
        • This provides evidence He exits, and interests the person.It strengthens and encourages faith.
    • A numinous experience
      • When something takes you aback. Leaves you feeling there is something greater than you. Eg. natural world, birth.
        • So powerful they believe God exists
    • Conversion
      • When someone converts from atheism to believing in God. eg. St Paul.
        • Often someone is confronted with the choice. It could occur in the from of an event or person, but conversion is life changing


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