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  • Religious Education
    • Marriage and family life.
      • Premarital sex
        • The bible: fornication is sinful. The church teaches that its wrong.
        • Catholics accept that living together as Jesus taught that love is the most important thing.
      • Adultery
        • Breaks wedding vows
        • Goes against the ten commandments
      • Divorce
        • Non catholic
          • Jesus allows devoice for a partners adultery.  Divorce allows forgiveness.
          • Better to divorce than live in hatred, 'lesser of two evils'
        • Catholic
          • couple made Covenant with god in the sacrament of marriage
          • Jesus and the church taught it was wrong.
      • Homosexuality ( catholic)
        • Homosexuality isn't a sin. the church teaches they can help the gender of preference.
        • They disagree with relationships however, bible: homosexual acts so be procreative as well as unitive.
        • Contrasting this the bible commends homosexuality. 'everyone is made in image of god' showing us god is saying it's correct.
      • Family life
        • It is important because:
          • children learn the differences between right and wrong.  its is where children are introduced to the faith
          • Give expectations of catholic marriage. also teaches the basic unit of socity
      • Churchs
        • keeping a family together
          • Marriage prep. priests help.  catholic marraguce care/
        • upbringing of children
          • youth clubs. catholic education. children's liturgies


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