Religious Attitudes Towards Gambling/ Lottery

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  • Religious Attitudes Towards Gambling/ Lottery
    • Christian attitudes towards the lottery vary - some accept them if the money raised goes to charity, but others think that they just encourage greed &can lead to gambling additions
    • Buddhists may believe that money (won via gambling) won't be able to buy then external happiness in life, as tanah (craving) is associated with gambling & will not bring happiness forever
    • Gambling can make one greedy once their loved ones are taken care of - A greedy person is an idolater who cab not obtain salvation (gambling implies greed)
    • Gambling can become addictive & they can't win every times - Gambling denies the biblical work ethic that associates honest labour & deserved reward
    • Lottery Money that is donated by the National Lottery:
      • Arts (16%)
      • Countries heritage (16%)
      • Sports (16%)
      • Health, Education, Environment & Charitable Causes (50%)




Isn't religion against gambling?

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