Unit 6

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  • Religious attitudes to world poverty
    • Causes of poverty
      • Unfair trade
      • War
      • Natural disasters
      • Disease
      • Debt
    • How religious believers can help
      • Buy fair trade products
      • Voluntary work
      • Campaigning for justice e.g. marches
      • Giving money to an aid agency
      • Praying for the poor
      • Involvement in fund raising
    • Fair trade
      • Promote sustainable devlopment
      • Remove injustice of world trade
      • Better prices
      • Better working conditions
    • Types of aid
      • Emergency aid
        • Aid given in the short term to help people survive in a crisis
      • Government aid
        • Small percentage of national income given to projects in LEDCs
      • Long-term aid
        • Aid given over a few years to fund projects aimed at enabling self- reliance
    • Buddhism
      • Selfish craving is the direct cause of suffering
      • Greed is one of the six poisons and generosity is one of the 6 perfections
      • The karuna trust
        • Most disadvantaged in india
        • Give people a sense of dignity and move them out of povery
        • Runs schools and hostels
        • Supports cultural activities
        • Trains local women as health workers
    • Christianity
      • Love of god and neighbour
      • Cannot love god if they ignore the needs of the poor
      • The good samaritan, everyone id your neighbour
      • Christian aid
        • Works on development programmes
        • Both emergency and long term aid
        • Get rid of debt and unfair trade, and war


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