Religious Upbringing

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  • Religious Upbringing
    • Christian
      • Baptised
      • Go to church every week
        • Become part of God's family
      • Go to Sunday school
        • Being with others their age who share same beliefs strengthens their own
        • All their friends believe so why shouldn't they?
        • Taught in a way so it makes sense and seems logical
      • Read Christian teachings from the Bible
      • Sing hymns
      • Go to church youth clubs
      • Go to local church schools e.g. Church of England schools
        • Learn more about their religion
      • Taught to pray and read the Bible
      • Families worship together
        • Taught of his omni-benevolence so want to get to know God
        • Family are closest members so trust that what they say is true
    • Muslim
      • Circumcision
        • Symbol of covenant God made with Prophet Muhammed
        • Feel involved in Allah's family
      • Encouraged to pray 5 times a day
        • Feel you have a duty
      • Go to the Madrasah
        • Reinforces how it must be true
        • Done by other people not just your family shows how serious these beliefs are and creates an expectation to believe
      • Whispered a call to prayer at birth so the first word they hear is 'God'
        • Constantly reminded of his presence and omnipotence
        • Told of no-one else but Allah
      • Samples of Qur'an recited from birth so child and also the lives of Rasulullah and Sahaaba
        • Child ages with good qualities and imitations
      • Born into practising Muslim household with practising parents
      • On seventh day after child's birth, special ceremony takes place where sheep is slaughtered and child's hair cut


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