Baptism beliefs

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  • Religious Identity through Baptism
    • Infant Baptism
      • Most christian denominations regard the practice of Infant Baptism
      • it is believed that the practice of infant baptism gets rid of the original sin that was created in the fall.
      • Evidence for infant baptism in the NT bible
        • John 3:5, Jesus said 'no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and spirit'
        • Luke 18: 'People were bringing even infants to him... Jesus said let the children come to me'
        • Colossians: 'a spiritual circumcision'
      • Infant baptism has always been a uniform practice within the early church.
      • Although infants can not give the consent to the faith, this doesn't prevent them being baptised
        • Augustine said children are to be given spiritual grace'
      • Huldrych Zwingli
        • He was Protestant reformer in Switzerland
        • He believed that infant baptism is acceptable as it is the divine promise that young children will be brought up into the faith
        • He didn't believe that baptism washed away sin like taught, it seals righteousness
      • Augustine
        • He wrote that it is a tradition received from the apostles
        • The council of Carthage in 418CE declared that even babies, who are yet unable i
    • Believers Baptism
      • The belief of believers baptism is that adults should be only baptized as they are able to understand the faith and have a choice
      • There are a group called the 'Anabaptists' meaning re-baptize. they are not accepted by the church
      • Evidence for Believers Baptism in NT
        • Acts 8 - the Samaritans are baptized after they believe the good news
        • Jesus was baptized as an adult.
      • Karl Barth - Baptism as union with Christ
        • The belief of believers baptism was endorsed by Barth.
        • Barth says: baptism marked with water is the first step to Christ.
          • it is not a sacrament, but rather an image of salvation


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