Religious Fundamentalism, Definition Precise and General

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  • Religious Fundamentalism
    • Generic fundamentalism
      • Historian Grant Wacker defines as 'a global impulse that seeks to recover and publicly institutionalise aspects of the past that the modern life has obscured'
      • sees secularism as an enemy because of its disinterest in preserving spirituality
        • and focus on education and economic progress
      • values one sacred text that stands above criticism
      • sees cultural ideas and patterns as truths rooted in creation
        • so clear cut role for men, women, children, clergy and laity
      • tries merge state and church
        • people following different sets of rules could lead to trouble for both individuals and community
      • Religious truth are seen as absolutes that everyone must adhere to
    • Historic Fundamentalism
      • Evangelical Protestant Christian movement in America in late 19th and early 20th century
        • reaction against Evolutionary theory and modern Biblical Criticism
      • Historian George Marsden defined ''as the demand for a strict adherence to certain theological doctrines in reaction against modernist theology''
      • Protestants claimed they were defending the five fundamentals of Christianity that were issued at Niagra Creed
        • 1. Biblical Inerrancy in science and history, 2. Divinity of Christ, 3. The Virgin Birth, 4. Substitutionary theory of atonement and 5. Physical resurrection and bodily return of Christ
    • Extremism
      • some groups identify themselves as fundamentalist while carrying out terrorism
        • Scholars believe, the term has become meaningless as a result
      • Scholars believe, the term has become meaningless as a result


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