Religious Experiences (influence and their value) FLIP

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  • Religious Experiences (influence and their value) FLIP
    • Foundational
      • REs have been the direct cause of the founding of several religions
      • William James- experience first, faith follows
      • REs have been the evidence to convince important religious figures to have faith
        • e.g. in Judaism- Genesis:17 records a foundational RE given to Abraham in whcih G makes an agreement with him and his descendants
      • After Enlightenment the Buddha spread his teachings to end suffering- foundation for all Buddhists
    • Life-changing
      • Swinburne argues that  the fruits of RE incl: the development of love, hope, courage, empathy, etc
      • People can find a 'lyrical enchantment' or inspiration to do heroic deeds
      • William James- REs bring psychological benefits e.g. energetic zest for life
      • Can strengthen those w/ faith as it can be considered confirmation about beliefs they already hold
    • Inspirational
      • The REs of some martyrs and saints of the Church have inspired belief in others
      • William James- some REs have noetic quality (we learn form them) and this means you can change your life/impact those around you
      • Can inspire people to follow religion closely/convert others
        • Joan of Arc-she was so dedicated to her cause (leading France to victory bc God had chosen her) that it inspired others
    • Pilgrimage
      • Those who claim RE can be responsible for creating a place of pilgrimage
      • William James- experience is the foundation for faith and those who claim to have had an experience pass on this belief
      • E.g. St. Bernadette- finding of the shrine and pilgrimage to Lourdes
      • Muhammad declared Mecca as the holiest site in Islam


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