Religious divisions 1558

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  • Religious divisions
    • Clergy
      • Able to marry
      • Richly decorated robes called vestments
      • Unable to marry
      • Clothing in between others
      • Plain black gowns
    • Bible
      • Latin, read only by priests
      • English, read by everyone
      • English, read by everyone
    • Church services
      • Latin Mass
      • In English
      • In English
    • Taking of bread and wine
      • Latin mass
        • Bread and wine became body and blood through power of priest
      • Holy communion
        • Remained bread and wine, also body and blood
      • Communion
        • Remained bread and wine, Jesus only present spiritually
    • Importance of church
      • Most attended every Sunday
      • Conducted all important rituals
      • Supported people through hardship
      • Each believed only their religion would allow them heaven after death
    • Pressure from European Catholic countries


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