Religious conflicts within families

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  • Religious conflicts within families
    • Children no longer wanting to take part in their parent's religion
      • Parents may expect their children to go the place of worship with them, but if the child refuses this can cause major conflicts
      • Religions tell parents that it is their duty to bring their children up in their faith so that children will follow their religion. They might feel like failures
      • Parents may worry that their children become immoral without the guidance of religion e.g. sex before marriage
      • Parents may worry that their children will not join them in the after life
      • Children may feel that their human right of freedom of religion is being taken away by their parents
    • Children wanting to marry someone of a different faith
      • Often there cannot be a religious wedding as the couple have to  be a member of the same religion for a religious wedding to be allowed
      • What religion will the children be brought up as?
      • What happens after death? Will the couple be buried in different places according to their religion
      • The parents and relatives of the couple may feel that they have betrayed their family roots and religion
    • Children becoming more religious than their parents
      • If a child wants a low paid job like a minister or priest, pastor, charity worker, iman or go and join a religious community
        • Parents may get angry if they have paid a lot on their education i.e. university or if they will have to go without grandchildren e.g. nun/monk
      • Children may criticize their parents
      • Children may force their parents to become more religious e.g read the Bible everyday
    • Disagreements over moral issues
      • If a Catholic divorces and marries someone else
      • If a couple decide to live together before marriage even if a religion bans sex before marraige
      • If a family member wants to write for a pornographic magazine or become a lap dancer
      • If a family member decides to have an abortion even though their religion bans abortions


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