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  • Religion - secondary socialisation
    • influence on attitudes and behaviour
      • -> set of moral values       -> rituals &ceremonies brings people together, promote social harmony and unity                -> religions prescribe a moral code which guide our daily behaviour       -> clear links with ethnic identity
    • Theory
      • Functionalists- (Durkheim) religion socialises societies members into value consensus by making key values sacred. these values then become strong moral codes
      • Marxists - religion acts to socialise people into accepting their exploitation by the ruling classes. - provides religious justification for inequality.
    • Traditional society to industrial society
      • ->religious beliefs often form a central part of the culture of a society.          ->religion provides an explanation& justification 4 everything experienced by people in the world around them      ->creates a  sense of unity& allows everyone to interpret reality in the same way         -> becoming inc. hard for religion to perform this function in modern dust. soc.


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