Religion - Authority and State

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  • Religion - Authority and State
    • Duty
      • Christian
        • The Ten Commandments
          • Jesus taught that it's important to love God with all your heart, mind and strength
          • Christians are expected to use their talents very wisely.
        • Jesus taught to love ones neighbor as you love yourself. The Parable of the Good Samaritan shows how it's important to treat others as you want to be treated.
      • Jews
        • For most Jews it is important to keep the 613 mitzvot in the Torah. It's also important to perform charitable acts.
    • Key Words
      • Authority - someone or something with power or right over others e.g the police
        • Duty - what is expected of someones job or responsibility e.g Christians have a duty to care for eachother
      • Justice - where everyone has equal opportunities and equal human rights e.g blacks and whites being treated equally.
      • Human rights - the things a persons expected to do or have e.g food and shelter
        • Personal conviction - something a person feels strongly about e.g human rights
        • Human rights - to make someone suffer pain or loss for doing something wrong e.g fine or prison
    • Punishment
      • Christian
        • Christians believe everyone was created with free choice to accept/reject God's ways.
          • If people do sin or commit crimes, justice must follow, Jesus taught the importance of forgiveness.
        • Most Christians believe that to gain justice, punishment must be given and forgiveness sought.
          • Most Chirstians believe the end of life, God will be the final judge.d
      • Jews
        • As God created a fair world, Jews must practice justice themselves.
          • In the Torah it states that judges must be fair and not accepted bribes. Jews consider death is not the end and God will be the final judge.
        • During the 10 days leading up to Yom Kipur, Jews have the chance to reflect and seek forgiveness for misdeeds.
    • Capital Punishment
      • Christian
        • All life is sacred and only God can take it away.
          • The Old testament teaches 'an eye for an eye''
          • One of the Ten Commandments state 'thou shalt not kill'
          • Forgiveness is important, Jesus forgave his crucifers. The WQuakers have campaigned against capital punishment as they believe all life is sacred.
      • Jews
        • All life is sacred, only God can take life away.
        • The Old testament teaches 'an eye for an eye''
          • In Israel the death penalty/capital punishment can be used for genocide.
        • One of the Ten Commandments state 'thou shalt not kill'
          • The Torah states some crimes are punishable by death, such as murder.
    • Individuals who have worked for justice
      • Oscar Romero is  Christian, he protested against the corruption in El Salvador, he's an Archbishop of San Salvador he spoke out against injustices and held meetings, he believed the law of God prohibited people from killing, in church sermons he spoke out against corrupt practices.
      • Elie Wisel is Jewish and was deported to Aushwitz during the Holocaust, defends the cause of many people who've had human rights taken away, shows importance of righeousness towards others, actively supports causes of many groups of people who are being tortured.


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